Friday, May 11, 2012

Initiation of Incorporation Proceedings

From Roger Lenk Good morning. As you are now no doubt aware, after consultation with Block Captains in January, we met with the Franklin County Commissioners to advise them of our intent to initiate Incorporation Proceedings for the Franklin County Riverview Island Area in order to fend off annexation by the Pasco. The tentative working title will be the City of Riverview. Franklin County Commissioners agreed to suspend annexation negotiations with the City and Fire District in favor of allowing the residents of the Franklin County Riverview Island Area the opportunity to vote on their destinies. Such a vote is required in order to incorporate a City under RCW 35.02 . The second attachment(PLEASE CONTACT ROGER FOR AN ELECTRONIC COPY) is a matrix which compares the cost and regulatory impacts between living in the County and City. Contrary to what the City tried to have us believe, the cost of living in the County is less, with regulations less onerous. Franklin County Commissioners plan on scheduling an evening meeting for June 5, 2012 to review these findings, and report back to the community as to what occurred during the three (3) negotiation sessions. Here is the link to the annexation page from Franklin County, which also includes a map: We will be scheduling a series of meetings for the community in order to share the information concerning incorporation. I will provide information on such meetings as soon as it is available. The intent of this action is to keep all services the same and taxes the same by remaining in the Fire Protection District, Mid-Columbia Library District, County Road District, and contracting with the County for law enforcement and other services that we receive currently. In the near future, we will be asking your assistance in collecting petition signatures, and with other items which will be necessary to go forward. Thank you for your continued support. Roger Erich Lenk 1817 N. Road 76 Pasco, Washington 99301 (509) 542-0489

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