Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 13 Meeting Minutes

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Introductions were made around the room

We were initially told that the County had 45 days to respond to the City, or the City would move forward with annexation. We were also told that the City had 45 days after that to respond back to the County. Actually, there is no "end time". Additionally, the City hasn't approached the County to initiate annexation. If the City doesn't respond to the County, the County can send a letter to the City stating they believe that the City will not move forward with annexation and that they consider the matter closed.

There are three ways that the City can annex the "donuthole".
1. Using the water certificates. While the legallity of the water certificate has not yet been determined, the City is putting forth the "idea" that County residents that have signed the certificates are "stuck" and have already "cast their vote" in favor of annexation. PLEASE - contact the City and request a copy of the water certificate signed by you. We called and while the City had our name on the their "list", they did not have a certificate signed by us. It was signed by the previous owner of our property and the City tried to tell Mike that the "vote", once signed, applied to the property, not the current owner. This is not correct. Mike requested that our name and our property be removed from the water certificate list and the assessed value of our property be removed from the overall annexation numbers.

Bear in mind that once the City has delivered water to a given property, they CAN NOT stop delivery, just because you won't sign a water certificate.

2. The City must have 60% of the assessed value of a given area to AGREE to annexation AND...

3. 10% of the residents in that area need to sign a formal petition requesting the City to annex.

"Agenda 21" - (more information will be available on this later)

Upon annexation, the City MUST rezone the area, and despite what the City tells you, the City Zones are not the same as the County Zones.

Top Ten Reasons Not To Annex - Read by Roger Lenk

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