Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meeting Minutes - September 21, 2011

REVIEW OF MAPS: Mark Macfarland and Roger Lenk reviewed various annexation maps, including one provided by the Franklin County Fire District on planned annexation phasing. Copies were handed out to all in attendance. Attendees were also asked to sign up for Block Captain responsibilities based on their respective residents relative to locations blocked our on the phasing map. This will allow for greater interaction with those affected, and improved communications.

BRIEFING ON ANNEXATION AGREEMENT: Roger Lenk provided a briefing on his ten reasons to oppose annexation. He also reviewed the annexation agreement/integrated map with the City of Pasco which was provided by the Franklin County Fire District #3. Roger indicated that all doughnut hole residents were to be annexed starting January 2012, continuing though completion by January 2016.

NEW ORGANIZATION:Mark Macfarland noted that the Citizens for Lifestyle Preservation had been approved by the Secretary of State as a non-profit organization. Copies of the notice were handed out. Darlene Zable was appointed Treasurer and in the process of obtaining a bank account. Requests for membership in the organization were handed out. A $10.00 membership fee was established for administrative expenses, and voluntary donations were requested for purposes of legal consultations, with the understanding
that litigation may be required. While the membership fee was not refundable, unused donations would be proportionately refunded if not utilized. A post office box had been established to receive correspondence. $440 was received at the meeting.

WEBSITE/BLOG/EMAIL: Mike Vermillion discussed the blog site established for communicating issues and documents related to the annexation issue. Many positive comments were received. The URL is http://www.franklincodonuthole.blogspot.com/.

POLITICAL ACTION: Doug Gould discussed issues related to the City of Pasco City Council. Doug indicated that only the only Pro-Annexation council member up for election, Rebecca Francik, had an opposing candidate in the upcoming election.

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